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HRxpress delivers HR solutions focused on small California employers.

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California HR Online°™Administration Simplified!

Essential HR Resources, With a Click

  • HR Forms Library
  • Links to Key California Agencies
  • Download Wage Orders
  • Order Employment Posters (all states)
  • Current HR News Feed

California HR Guidance

  • Writing a Handbook
  • Doing an HR Self-Audit
  • Free guides on HR topics (interviewing, recruiting, recordkeeping, and more)
  • Heads Up! Newsletter from HRxpress
  • Phone and email HR consulting

Store and Find Your Own HR Forms and Documents

  • Store Your Current Employee Handbook
  • Store Your Customized HR Forms
  • Store Your Safety Plans
  • Store Your Benefit Plan Forms
  • Store Your Benefit Plan Descriptions
  • Store Your Benefits Brokers and Administrators Contact Information

Store and Find Your Employee Data

  • Create a secure, confidential database for essential employee information

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Compliance Products From The California Chamber of Commerce
Compliance Products From The California Chamber of Commerce
CalChamber is recognized as the leading provider of California-specific labor law compliance, training, and HR best practices tools. HRXpress has partnered with CalChamber to give all of our clients access to these products at a 10% discount.

Simply click on the CalBizCentral link below and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. California HR Compliance Products

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